The Tiger's Eye: Casa Tiger update

08 July 2007

Casa Tiger update

Well, its the hottest days of the summer, and as usual Ole King Tiger spent the day diggin in the dirt. It always seems that we choose days when the mercury bumps the near side of 95 and the humidity is climbing that Mrs. Tiger gets that green bug and I get to dig and dig and dig till it hurts.

Last year was Phase I of our multi-season switch to perennials in our flower beds.

(Front Walk w/ American Flag)

Those Coneflowers under the Dogwood kinda volunteered from an older planting. They are mixed in with the world's largest Catnip plant. On any given day if the front door is open "the boys" will be fixed at the storm door window staring at a cat version of Reefer Madness, thinking, "If only we could open the door...."

The various perennials have finally come into their own although we are up to our asses in Columbines. Funny that Mom and Dad couldn't seem to grow them at all and I can't keep them under control. Last year we cleared out most of them to a specific number of plantings and now I have them EVERYWHERE!

Mrs. Tiger wants to cut that "Sweet William" waaaaay back. As she says, "Its outta control..."

This year is Phase II and some time later this year or more likely next spring will be Phase III which should (hopefully) end it all. Above is the latest where we pulled a trio of Bird's Nest Yews and replaced them with Russian Sage and Phlox and some small white wispy flower that Mrs. T planted and now cannot remember what it was.

This is what occupied most of my weekend. All of the planting you see was sod as recently as last week. That's an area about 25 feet by 6 feet with a sort of radius. All sorts of Russian Sage, Black Eyed Susan's and other interesting stuff. Needless to say I'm sore and tired.

Don't worry Dad, It's an honest tired. It was real good old fashioned clean sweat and grime today.


Here is that day-lily in the corner, it was planted first and only bloomed this past week. We will split it and move it as soon as the blooms are finished. the photo is a bit grainy due to being shot from a phone. Sometimes they give really nice results and sometimes they leave something to be desired.