The Tiger's Eye: Just askin...?

05 October 2006

Just askin...?

A Few thoughts at random:
• Can someone please explain the mechanics of gas prices? It does not appear to be simple supply and demand. I don’t buy for a minute that the President or Karl Rove or Dick Cheney has any ability to manipulate such things on such a massive scale. After all, if they did wouldn’t they also be manipulating the Stock Market and the news media as well? Oops…, cats out of the bag. (snicker)
• As reprehensible as Congressman Foley’s actions appear to be, doesn’t it seem awfully suspect that the information was released to ABC on the final day of congress prior to a vital mid-term election when they appear to have been circulating in Democrat circles for well over a year? Is there a correlation between the release of such damaging information just as the Republicans looked to be making enough gains with voters as to offset the public’s tiring of the constant anti-war sentiment in the media and thus likely ushering in the reign of Speaker Pelosi?
• If Congresswoman Pelosi does become speaker will we see impeachment proceedings, de-funding of the war effort in Iraq, major tax hikes on the “Upper class” (read anyone making over $100,000 per annum)?
• If there is a Speaker Pelosi; will there be another attack on American soil similar in scope to 9/11?
• If both houses go to the Democrats will the Dow drop below 10,500 before 2009 and will inflation soar? If inflation rises what is the likelihood that we will see our taxes rise?
• Will the North Koreans or the Iranians test a nuclear warhead and will they then offer the technology to the highest bidder?
• I thought “Gay-men” didn’t have any interest in 16-18 year old adolescent males. Isn’t this one of the politically correct mantras that the Left consistently drones on about when ever the issue of homosexual rights is discussed – like the Boy Scouts not wanting to allow homosexual scout leaders?

Or am I all wet and all of this won’t happen because after all, as reprehensible as his actions were, Congressman Foley’s actions were the actions of one man and not the corporate actions of a party, that the American people will be smart enough to figure out that even with the likelihood of enormous bungling on the part of Speaker Hastert there was no conspiracy on the part of the Republicans and that same electorate will recognize that we are still at war with an enemy who would simply execute both the congressman and the pages he dallied with on-line along with anyone else who they deemed evil enough to meet their demented standards? An electorate that will recognize that regardless of how bad the Republicans have bungled some things the alternative of a Democrat controlled House and/or Senate at this time would be far worse?

Fire away, comments are OPEN.