The Tiger's Eye: 1 October 2006!!!!

01 October 2006

1 October 2006!!!!

Damm it is hard to believe its OCTOBER already! Where did the summer go?

I'll second the comment by my friend Rob over at

NOBODY runs the 2 minute better than Mr. Manning.

Regardless of the fact that they still cannot seem to stop the run, Dungy's "bend but not break" defense keeps working. Yet perhaps in spite of that and the fact that much of the team cannot play due to injury they just keep winning. If we can make it to the bye week then perhaps we can get healthy again. We currently have 22 on the IR list with 2 out for the season (Sanders and Simon - both with knee injuries) 3 on Injured Reserve and 14 who were listed as questionable for today's game. 12 of the names are defensive with much of the secondary still out.
I know its early but still this team seems to have more "GUTS" than last year.
As the coach says: " A win is a win".

On another note, when we moved to Indy nearly 14 years ago we choose the northeast side for a number of reasons but mostly due to the schools. When we built our little enchanted ranchburger on the prairie we never guessed that while living on the sunny side of the city, we would be cursed with higher gas prices. For some reason this side of town is about $0.15 to almost $0.25 higher than the west side of town. All the past week Plainfield has skirted with sub $1.90 gas and is currently at:

What gets me is that its all the same gas! Stores with sub 2 dollar gas on the west side are hiking it just because they can.

Gas hit $1.89 all over Indy today including the eastside in numerous locations.