The Tiger's Eye: Neat, keen, super-cool & Groovy

16 September 2006

Neat, keen, super-cool & Groovy

My wife’s cousin is a collector.
One of his passions is 1960’s “muscle bikes”. A while back when we were talking about the great bikes we had owned as kids, he told me that his collection was a pale imitation to the granddaddy of them all. He has an acquaintance; Jim Barnard in Bloomfield, CT who has probably the largest and most complete collection of these babies in the US maybe the world.

Here are some photos from his collection, feast your peepers on these babies:

- Schwinn Rams Horn Fastback. 5 sp. Black. Ultra kool, ultra rare.

This is a "typical wall of bikes.

I had a friend who had a Murray, we all thought it was the coolest bike in the neighborhood.

I highly recommend his website:
Stop by and step back in time to when all you thought about was how far you could ride that wheelie.