The Tiger's Eye: Calling all bourbon drinkers

06 January 2008

Calling all bourbon drinkers

I'm trying to find another of these.

That's a commemorative bottle that appeared on local liquor store shelves last year shortly after our beloved Colts won the World Championship.

As you can see the colors are familiar and the bottle is fulled with Kentucky's finest (unopened of course).
Now I have come to find that they are fairly hard to find as they were not licensed by the NFL (although apparently there were no laws actually broken as there is nothing "officially" linking this fine spirit to the local professional football club but there were also a number of people who did not agree that Maker's Mark bourbon was the best representative product for the franchise).

I've checked on Ebay and as of tonight I can't find any for sale. I am interested if one comes available. Mine is numbered 4354/6000 so I know there should be another 5999 of them around SOMEWHERE.

(Update - WOW! I had no Idea how expensive this might be!
Take a look: