The Tiger's Eye: TAP,TAP, TAP, scrape, scrape, TEEEEEARRR.

05 January 2008

TAP,TAP, TAP, scrape, scrape, TEEEEEARRR.

Is the sound of another floor being removed by our intrepid workmen.
Below is what I removed this morning prior to them arriving...
That's a PERGO snap-lock type faux wood floor (and I do mean FAUX wood - it really looked like fake wood, nobody was fooled.)

Below that was this:

Quite possibly the ugliest vinyl ever produced by the American vinyl flooring industry. It was the minimum that we could buy when we built our ranch-burger 15 years ago. So crappy that you could cut it with minimal exertion ( a thumbnail would do in a pinch) yet it took cold chisels to remove it all from the slab! We never intended to go 10 years let alone 15 without replacing it. (And yet somehow we did. I guess that will fall under the heading of unexplained marital phenomena).
By the end of the weekend we should have porcelain tile to match our bathrooms.

Scott and Rick are about 2/3 done with laying tile. Rick had to leave early to prep a car he is selling to a fellow from Illinois. Hmmmmm... could that be a euphemism for something? "Pardon me boys, but I have to "SEE A MAN FROM ILLINOIS ABOUT A CAR". Kinda like "Celebrating Bob's Birthday" perhaps?".

They are supposed to show up at 7am on Sunday to finish the tile, grout the Laundry and closet and reload the laundry before then finishing up the remaining grouting on Tuesday night. We then get to repeat the process for the kitchen next weekend.

Some have asked why a fine young architect as myself (OK, Middle aged architect) didn't do the work himself. After all, isn't that what architects do; start home improvement projects only to have them drag out forever because the worker is obsessed with "getting it right"?
Simple answer, I want the work finished. These guys are fast, good and thorough. I know way too many fellows in the field who have numerous unfinished "home improvement" projects at their homes. Queen Tiger has demanded that this one is done ASAP.

Next week; THE KITCHEN!