The Tiger's Eye: IT’S THE STORM OF….errrr…uhhhh….???

16 December 2007

IT’S THE STORM OF….errrr…uhhhh….???

Hmmmmmm…lets see. We can’t call it the “STORM OF THE CENTURY!!!” That’s been overdone so many times and besides it’s only a mildly bad one this time.

We could call it; “The Storm of the Season!” but that’s anticlimactic and doesn’t really make much sense;

We could call it; “WinterStorm 2007” but its not technically winter yet and I think we used that one last February.

I know! Let’s call it: “THE ONLY STORM WE GOT 2007!”

Ok, I guess it’s another unwritten rule of blogging that when ever the weather does anything you have to memorialize it with pictures. For the last week the local news services have been pummeling us with predictions of this storm. We have heard that it was going to be as little as 1-2 inches with freezing rain and as much as 18” of snow with just about every permutation in between.

We appear to have received somewhere around 6-7 inches of snow overall but stuck in-between the first phase and the second round we received about 3 hours of freezing rain that packed the original 3 inches down to ice.

Picture No 1 shows our drive after I shoveled the snow away. It was nearly freezing and the snow packed pretty nice. It took about 20 min to shovel and by the time Queen Tiger got home from her hair appointment it was almost melted on the concrete.

Picture No. 2 shows the front of the domicile around 10:30 last night as the freezing rain was just starting to fall.

Picture No. 3 is from our front window (the one in the second photo) at about 8:30 this morning. The wind has really picked up and between the ice and blowing snow it isn’t good driving weather out there. I guess up north around Lebanon and Frankfort it’s pretty bad (Jerry, be thankful you're down south where its warm.)
. They got considerably more snow this morning.

I think that Pete has the best idea.
It’s a good day to hunker down and snooze till 4 when the Colts are on.