The Tiger's Eye: Judgement Day is not that far away...

13 September 2009

Judgement Day is not that far away...

For many members of Congress.

I was unable to attend the rally in DC nor any of the other rallies across the country but I was there in spirit.
A note to those in Congress; for each of those marchers yesterday who decended on the Capitol steps, there are 2 or 3 who had to stay at home to care for kids, who could not afford to travel or had to work or simply could not afford to travel.
We have long memories and due to the fact that we have jobs (or not due to YOUR malfeasance) we will remember next year if you foist another Trillon dollar burden on our backs expecting that we will just roll over and let you continue to operate "business as usual". US Park estimates were in the 1 to 1.5 million attendance yesterday, more "conservative" estimates were maybe 1/2 that (still a pretty dammed big number) and that did not include those protesting around the country.
This wasn't an "Anti-Obama" rally as much as an Anti-Out-of-control Government protest.
To fix "the health care crisis" we don't need another government bureaucracy, we need the government off our backs. To fix the financial crisis we don't need more debt, we need a government that can truly cut its spending and live within a budget. To keep us safe, we don't need a policy that gives terrorists and our enemies the rights of citizens. We need victory in Afghanistan (something which you have gone on record as having said is not our goal).
Mr. Obama, you ran on a platform of "Hope and Change". Lets hope you hear the message and change your direction before it is too late for our country.