The Tiger's Eye: So; who was really guilty of "racial profiling"?

01 August 2009

So; who was really guilty of "racial profiling"?

Hat tip to The American Thinker and NRO's "The Corner"
I'll give you a hint, It ain't the guy in back. As my daddy always said, good manners NEVER go out of style.
Much has been written in the last week or so about the entire Gates episode. I'm not going to add much with my thoughts other than, if Dr. Gates was lying in bed some night and her was to suspect that there was a break-in at his Cambridge house, he wouldn't be calling 1600 Penn. No, he would dial 911 like the rest of us and if he was on duty, you can bet that Sgt. Crowley would respond.
The only "teaching moment" here is that our President is either a simpleton or a liar.