The Tiger's Eye: STOP THE PRESSES!!!!

16 August 2008


Wait, hold everything. I thought that it was a done deal and we were all going to be able to book passage on the QM Squared's Northwest Passage trip next year!

It looks like the EXPERTS were wrong again!

Given their track record of cooking the books what really amazes me is why anyone keeps believing them. Could it be perhaps this whole global warming thing is a crock of brown smelly stuff cooked up by certain politicians as a way to grab power when they cannot win on issues? (yeah, I know "State of Fear" was fiction but then again apparently so is "Earth in the Balance")

BTW - I felt I just HAD to post that picture of the cute little polar bear as it appears to have become a mandatory practice to lead any global warming story with a cute-widdle-bear or the infamous poor momma bear on the shrinking ice flow.

Here is what a REAL polar bear looks like.

(Hat tip to ExUrban League - he did all the hard work. I just added the cute pictures)